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Maximise the Efficiency of your Accounts Payable & Finance Processes


    Reduced cost and time management
    Compliance with legislation
    Reduction of errors and risk of fraud
    Improved supplier relationships
    Reduced financial impact of AP
    Gain insights into your P2P processes

Innovation at the Heart of Financial Processes

Supplier invoice processing is much more than just an accounting issue. It represents a cost center, a source of disputes, and the subject of countless constraining regulatory changes.

A key process for any organisation, invoice processing not only has an impact on competitiveness and cash flow, but it also affects the image reflected by finance departments with respect to their internal and external partners.

Digitalisation takes on these challenges as a lever for transformation in the digital age. Originally offered with on-premise platforms for companies to deploy internally, or through services externalised via Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), solutions have evolved progressively towards the Cloud as a means to target companies of more modest size.

However, none of these approaches have proven entirely satisfactory. Today, only a new-generation solution can meet the needs of every organisation with maximum performance and agility, regardless of their structure, size, or invoice volume. This solution leverages the latest in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data best practices to deliver the very best in financial process automation.

Latest Blog Articles

Network Rail reduce processing times by 90% with Financial Process Automation

With a huge amount of invoices going through Network Rail every day and a long processing cycle, Network Rail decided it was time to explore new finance solutions. Their main requirements were a more automated and integrated approach and a similar way of working to limit the impact on users.

Invoice rejection is decreasing period on period and that’s been the case for the last three years, and that’s because of the information we extract using ITESOFT.

Case Study

Mitsubishi Electric automates invoice processes with seamless SAP integration

With so many invoices being manually entered every day by Mitsubishi Electric employees, the business wanted to speed up their invoice processes and free up staff time. Their main requirements were to move to an automated system in order to eliminate building frustration, and do this with minimal disruption.

The ITESOFT support team was always available and on site when needed, I am looking forward to continued successes with them.

Emma Taylor, Accounts Payable Manager

Case study

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