Want your Invoices Paid within 30 days? Try 1.2

Out of 15,625 reports of UK companies’ payment practices, 5,439 companies reported that they were paying their invoices within 30 days. That means 65% of companies that have reported their payment practices are taking longer than 30 days to pay suppliers upon receipt of an invoice. Why is this? It could be due to a

Environmental Cost Of Paper Based Invoice Processing

We live in a world that is changing. The global focus on reducing our environmental impact is growing. The key question in this blog though is, what is the environmental cost of paper based invoice processing? Most organisations will have an understanding of the cost of processing an invoice once they have received it. Some

ITESOFT Insight… How Do You Define Invoice Automation Success?

How can you define invoice automation success when your are just starting to explore your options? Start with a list. Try this one. Document your as-is. Document your to-be. Engage stakeholders. Communicate clearly and regularly. Measure regularly. Fail fast. It may come as no surprise… to define invoice automation success, you need to decide what

Does My Company Need Electronic Invoice Software?

In an effort to digitalise purchase-to-pay processes, many businesses will procure electronic invoice software, but how do you know which software best suits your business or if you even need any at all? In order to establish the need for electronic invoice software, you should start by ensuring you know your current AP processes and

The Importance of Capture Rate in AP Automation

The Importance Of Capture At The Start Of The Process. You could have the best workflow, the best analytical tools, even the most up to date supplier portal, but none of this matters if you’re not getting high quality and high volumes of data in to your systems at the beginning of the process. Hence,

Is Capture the Key to Automation?

Most of you will have heard the expression; “you only get out what you put in”. For most of us, this has been applied to our working lives, or perhaps our relationships, but the onus is always the same, if you do more, you get more. Most of you will have seen videos and articles