ITESOFT INSIGHT… Do I Have A Scalable Accounts Payable Process?

A scalable Accounts Payable process is all about being future ready. Are you confident that as your business grows, your tech and team can handle it? Yes? You have a scalable Accounts Payable process. Congratulations… Why are you reading this? No? Perhaps it’s time to search for technology that can deliver real scalability. After all,

Exploring the Environmental Impact of Paper-led Processes

Since Greta Thunberg burst onto the scene, pleading with politicians and the public to take climate change seriously, environmental concern has been front and centre of almost every news channel and front page across the country. Businesses often prioritise the bottom line over other concerns, but, as responsible citizens,it’s important that we consider how the

The Digitalisation of the Procure-to-Pay Process: More Than a Financial ROI

According to the Institute of Finance & Management (IOFM), 53% of accounts payable managers believe that a Procure-to-Pay process improvement initiative should be initiated by their financial departments. Faced with an increasingly competitive market, this investment addresses productivity challenges and operational performance, the importance of which continues to grow each year. The digitalisation of processes, in

What is the Cost of Paper Processes to the Care Industry?

The NHS has been targeted to go completely paperless by 2020, highlighting the cost of paper processes. For many years the use of paper in data intensive industries, has and continues to compromise productivity, hampering progress. We could say that this alone is the cost of paper processes. This is no more apparent than within

Leading a Successful Finance Process Automation Journey

James Stackhouse and Paul Armstrong discussed the Finance Process Automation Journey that Autoglass undertook. During the webinar, hosted by ICAEW, James and Paul went into detail on the Autoglass Finance Process Automation journey, from the first thoughts of automation, all the way through the process to the selection of ITESOFT, and the planning of the

Automated Financial Processes

|Boost Supplier Relationships with Automated Financial Processes SOLUTION BENEFITS TESTIMONIAL Supplier Relationships, a Strategic Challenge to Modern Organisations Over the past decade, cost reduction plans have put enormous pressure on suppliers, often leading to the long-term degradation of relationships. However this approach, based on domination, has reached its limits. Today, the most innovative organisations aim...