Risks Associated With Accounts Payable

Hi, my name is Bushra, and in this, my first article, I will be writing about some of the potential risks associated with accounts payable. This will include a look at a couple of key areas where fraud can be a risk, payment processing issues, and how to resolve these problems. My aim? Well hopefully

Digital Automation. Smarter. Faster. Safer.

|Digital AutomationSmarter. Faster. Safer. Discover ITESOFT Streamline for Invoices with Capture-as-a-service Smarter Capture rates of 85% managed and maintained over time Capture of any file, any format incl. email, PDF, paper, fax, file capture Mutualised repository of supplier records for unparalleled matching Automatic invoice recognition with no templates, barcodes or dividers Faster Workflow tools built...

Is Artificial Intelligence effective in fighting fraud?

In short, yes, Artificial Intelligence is effective in fighting fraud. It is already preventing a lot of fraud and is expected to dramatically decrease all cases of fraud in as little as 4 years. With changes in technology comes new ways for fraudsters to go about their work. Artificial intelligence (AI) may be the only

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach to Combat Fraud

Preventing fraud has never been an easy task… perhaps Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a modern approach to overcoming this age old problem. Not just for organisations but for individuals the possibilities are pretty incredible. We’ve all heard about AI and the wonders that the likes of Google and Tesla are creating with it. In the

FISCAL Announces Partnership Extension with ITESOFT

Agreement optimises risk mitigation, protects working capital and drives financial process efficiencies   27 September 2018, Woking, UK. ITESOFT UK, a market leading provider of financial process automation solutions, today announced it has extended its commercial partnership with forensic financial solutions provider FISCAL Technologies, to transform risk management and process efficiencies in the finance function. 

Automated Financial Processes

|Boost Supplier Relationships with Automated Financial Processes SOLUTION BENEFITS TESTIMONIAL Supplier Relationships, a Strategic Challenge to Modern Organisations Over the past decade, cost reduction plans have put enormous pressure on suppliers, often leading to the long-term degradation of relationships. However this approach, based on domination, has reached its limits. Today, the most innovative organisations aim...