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What are the objectives of your Accounts Payable automation project? The question is not trivial! It is at the heart of initiating your project and setting-up the business framework.

To maximise the performance of your Accounts Payable automation system, our consultants take advantage of accumulated best practices that are the result of shared experience stemming from more than 650 clients.

Our consultants will help you to answer these questions, set the course and guide project teams to maximise your chances of success.

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Assisting Project Owners with Accounts Payable Digitalisation

In all AP digitalisation projects, certain steps are particularly important: correctly setting-up the initial environment, drafting precise and feasible specifications, anticipating bottlenecks and knowing how to accompany the driving change.

In addition, in order to encourage the adoption of accounts payable process automation tools, our consultants evaluate the strategic aspect of your project for the company and to unite stakeholders around the same channels of communication by raising awareness, reassuring and involving all relevant participants (sponsors, users, operators, partners, customers / suppliers, trade unions).

AP Project Manager Assistance

Auditing AP Automation Systems

For each audit, our consultants provide a report detailing recommendations and specific proposals, not only in connection with your initial problem, but also with regard to other issues that may be identified in the process.

Our audits are organised in standardised unit modules (functional, architecture, performance, etc.), that can be carried out independently or in a complementary manner to fit the context of your Accounts Payable digital system.

AP Consulting Audit

Educate the AP Automation Team

Specialized Instruction Adapted to your AP Project Needs

A highly designed training program enabling each employee to master ITESOFT AP automation solutions, regardless of the participant’s role in the organisation. Our training courses are designed for our customers as well as our integrator and distributor partners.

We show you the main principles of our solutions, not only from a functional point of view, but also from the point of view of its implementation, so as to acquire the necessary skills enabling you to grasp all phases of your automation project with greater efficiency right from the start.

Online AP Training

A Pedagogical Approach for AP Automation Best Practices

All our training modules rely on pedagogy using examples and comparisons. Each session lasts 7 hours a day with 50% of the time spent on practical work.

Trainees work on concrete examples, scenarios, ensuring the best possible comprehension, sharing points of view, measuring the stakes for the company, for obtaining autonomy in day-to-day decision making.

AP Training approach

Support Services for your Production Performance

Full Technical and Functional Support for your Accounts Payable Automation

After deployment, ITESOFT support becomes your unique technical contact and takes into account any type of request (incident, assistance request or evolution).

They provide you with the necessary technical assistance tailored to your needs to help you to increase the performance of your project and optimise the use of your software.

With its support team, ITESOFT accompanies you on a daily basis thanks to support services that integrate maintenance and complementary packaged services.

Support Access
Support Team

A team of engineers, ITESOFT experts, qualified on technical environment peripheral to the solutions (OS, ERP, CRM …).

International Support

International coverage to provide a consistent level of support to all of our clients’ subsidiaries.


A proven incident management process designed for maximum quality of service.


A set of tools to ensure simple, reactive and efficient support (knowledge base, customer portal, call center …).

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