AP Automation FAQs

AP Automation FAQs

Another set of AP Automation FAQs with a difference.

We felt it was time to highlight a few more of your AP automation FAQs.

Again, with our honest answers…

FAQ 1: Do we have to use ITESOFTs analytics?

No. This is an optional extra.

If your business already owns business intelligence software it rarely makes sense to change.

But, if you don’t have great insights or find that information is missing we would recommend making the change.

After all, this data is what will let you make some real changes.

FAQ 2: Can ITESOFT send automatic warnings that suppliers have not been paid within agreed timescales?

Yes we can.

The information is based on metrics defined within the platform, one of those is the payment term.

We can then automatically notify an AP Clerk, Manager, etc to notify them if an invoice has not been paid.

FAQ3 : Does Streamline for Invoices have approval processes?

Another yes.

You may not have these within your finance system, so we can provide them.

Out of the box Streamline for Invoices has Non-PO, coding, and approval workflows amongst many others.

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 FAQ 4: What happens if a supplier sends in a non-invoice (statements etc)?

These documents will be flagged to an operator.

Indicating that it may not be an invoice and might need processing some other way.

FAQ 5: Does ITESOFT only provide cloud-based AP Automation software?


However, this is something we would seriously recommend everyone considers.

The cloud is a preferred route for many businesses these days, due to;

  • reduced demand on internal IT teams.
  • cost savings,
  • and many other factors.

However, ITESOFT do have the capability to offer AP Automation as an on-premise application.

Or even as a hybrid of cloud & on-prem.

FAQ 6: Can I scan an invoice to a dedicated email address to be automatically picked up & processed?


With email capture the system can retrieve invoices from an email, as attachments or otherwise.

These invoices can then be processed as per your businesses rules.

If there are no problems with the invoice, and they follow your rules, they can be sent to pay without any intervention.

FAQ 7: Why don’t you identify the supplier from the PO number?

What if the system misread the PO number?

What if the number is obstructed or mistyped?

Assuming the number is correct could have serious consequences.

By matching the PO number AND the supplier to the purchase order, we are ensuring confidence in the decision of the solution.

And with Capture-as-a-Service we take this to a whole new level!

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White Paper – 5 reasons to digitalise your Procure-to-Pay Process


Remember, there are more AP automation FAQs than we can answer here, so get in touch if you want to ask us something else!

Post by Rory Coleman-Smith,
Marketing Project Manager

Rory has been working with ITESOFT since early 2017. He has placed himself as a thought leader, educating finance departments on the latest advancements in technology in Financial Process Automation.

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