Understanding the True Cost of Your AP Process (Infographic)

  Understanding the true cost of your AP process is an important step towards gaining any benefit from your department. How can you submit a business plan for your process improvement project before understanding the true cost of your AP process? It is also important to understand how other companies are performing so you can

2018 Wrapped Up (And Placed Under the Tree)

  2018 has been an exciting year for ITESOFT UK, including the introduction of our cloud based “Capture as a Service”, winning the DM Award for Best AP/Invoicing Product of the year with Streamline for Invoices, and being featured on the Microsoft AppSource store. But now it is time for this year to come to

All I Want for Christmas is My Invoices Automated

  As we creep through December and Christmas is sneaking up on us, one thing is becoming apparent: people need time off work. Whether your team have unspent holiday to use before they lose it in 2019, or they have become so busy with seasonal plans that they are suddenly in a rush to take

Streamline for Invoices Now Available Through the Microsoft Store.

  30 years of innovation in the business process automation space have culminated in ITESOFT’s latest accounts payable suite, Streamline for Invoices (SLFI). Now available through AppSource, the Microsoft Store, SLFI represents a new generation of solutions that not only leverage the intrinsic benefits of the Cloud, but also take advantage of using innovative services deployed

Saudi Arabia Welcomes Sophia as Their First Robot Citizen

  “This is historical to be the first robot in the world to be recognized with a citizenship,” – Sophia According to an official Saudi press release, Sophia was confirmed as the first robot Saudi citizen during a business event in Riyadh. As I wrote in a previous article, Sophia was also the first robot

What is Metadata and Why Should You Care?

  In the world of digitalisation, the term “Metadata” is used quite often. But what is Metadata? Descriptive strings of data that reference activity or other data Fields of information allowing accurate filtering of data Automated data which cannot be manipulated or changed after creation Why is it of benefit to your organisation? Allows an