If AP Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It… Or Should We?

  It seems that a culture has emerged of “If AP ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. This is not specific to any level of a business, generation, or gender. Instead this idea seems to be reinforced by professionals who can’t see the benefits to automating accounts payable, when compared to a completely manual process. Whilst

ITESOFT Insight… Top 3 Barriers To Automating AP & How To Overcome Them

  All across the UK, Accounts Payable managers are striving for change in the way their team process their supplier invoices. Even with this desire for more efficient processes, they often get burned when senior management present barriers to automating AP. This may discourage the weak of heart, but any forward-thinking AP manager has gone

ITESOFT Insight… Keeping Millennials Connected With Their Aspirations

As a younger generation of workers become a majority in the workplace, companies are starting to realise that technology is a huge factor on whether staff stay content – or whether they stay at all! So what insights can I offer to help keep millennials connected with their aspirations – and equally importantly, your business?

Does My Company Need Electronic Invoice Software?

  In an effort to digitalise purchase-to-pay processes, many businesses will procure electronic invoice software, but how do you know which software best suits your business or if you even need any at all? In order to establish the need for electronic invoice software, you should start by ensuring you know your current AP processes

A Paperless Proposal for the Public Sector

  I spent 12 months working for a local authority, the amount of paper we got through gave me nightmares, so I drafted a paperless proposal. It all started on my first day in the office, I was introduced to the filing cabinet. By filing cabinet, I mean a 5 meter squared area of “Train

AP Automation: How Much Could You Really Save?

  Are you struggling to get your senior management on board with AP automation? Does your CFO start participating in the ‘Bird Box Challenge’ whenever you try to show him your chosen solution? Perhaps this is because you are focusing too much on what the AP automation solution will do, or alleviate, and not enough