Does My Company Need Electronic Invoice Software?

  In an effort to digitalise purchase-to-pay processes, many businesses will procure electronic invoice software, but how do you know which software best suits your business or if you even need any at all? In order to establish the need for electronic invoice software, you should start by ensuring you know your current AP processes

A Paperless Proposal for the Public Sector

  I spent 12 months working for a local authority, the amount of paper we got through gave me nightmares, so I drafted a paperless proposal. It all started on my first day in the office, I was introduced to the filing cabinet. By filing cabinet, I mean a 5 meter squared area of “Train

AP Automation: How Much Could You Really Save?

  Are you struggling to get your senior management on board with AP automation? Does your CFO start participating in the ‘Bird Box Challenge’ whenever you try to show him your chosen solution? Perhaps this is because you are focusing too much on what the AP automation solution will do, or alleviate, and not enough

Knowledge is Power for P2P

  We all know that knowledge is power, what we don’t know is how to acquire said knowledge. It’s easy to implement an automated solution to complete a process, but how can you maximise the benefits from your solution if you don’t gain any knowledge or experience from it? In the days of cloud technology,

Top 3 Barriers to Automating AP and How to Overcome Them

  Even after a few conversations with only a handful of accounts payable managers across the UK, it is clear that whilst most managers want to start automating AP, they have come up against many barriers in the past which have soured the dream. Due to new technology and modern processes, many barriers of the

Understanding the True Cost of Your AP Process (Infographic)

  Understanding the true cost of your AP process is an important step towards gaining any benefit from your department. How can you submit a business plan for your process improvement project before understanding the true cost of your AP process? It is also important to understand how other companies are performing so you can