The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on RPA – For Beginners

Always seeing the term RPA thrown about in conversation and constantly asking yourself “What does RPA stand for?” but too afraid to ask? Seek no further, by the end of this article, you will know enough about RPA to make your systems admin blush. And while it’s useful to know what RPA stands for, you

ITESOFT’s Summer Fest: A Celebration of Automation Success

From the 5th of July 2018 through to the 6th, two thirds of ITESOFT travelled to meet with the other third in Paris, France. This meeting gave the opportunity for a company wide briefing by ITESOFT’s CEO Christophe Lacaze, as well as an evening’s celebrations in Paris bar Favela Chic. Before the meeting of the

An Insiders Thoughts on Preparing for Future Automation in AP

If you’re like me, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, meaning if you want to be sure something is being done properly you need tangible, conclusive evidence, especially regarding your future automation needs. When it comes to automation, we imagine a completely dark process where nothing but what goes in and what

The Truth about E-invoicing

These days, in the financial process automation space, the term “E-invoicing” is thrown around with little attention to detail. Much like the buzzword of the last year, “Blockchain”, a lot of people have jumped on the hype without fully understanding the meaning of the word. Defining E-invoicing If you’ve been boasting and bragging to your