The P2P Business Case – Successful Implementation

Everywhere you look in today’s business environment you will find two words ‘Digital Transformation’. Going digital is the primary route to keeping pace with demands on all aspects of individuals and organisations. These two words which can, do, and in some instances have placed a measure of fear in many of us, will continue to

as-a-Service in Accounts Payable… The Future of Capture

From manual processing to as-a-Service in Accounts Payable. as-a-service in Accounts Payable is the latest in technology designed to make lives simpler and easier. Most of us still underestimate the power of devices that can fit in our hands. An everyday example is a calculator. We all have a calculator on our smartphone. Before reaching

Is Your AP Department Overlooked?

Two Thirds of Executives use innovative Technologies to Drive Profit, Benefit the Environment A recent survey from the USA issued by the Environmental Defence Fund (EDF), listed the seven emerging technologies that senior executives view and use to drive profitability and environmental performance The technologies listed are; blockchain, sensors, data analytics, mobile ubiquity, dematerialisation, automation