ITESOFT Insight… How Do You Define Invoice Automation Success?

  1.  Document your as-is. 2.  Document your to-be. 3.  Engage stakeholders. 4.  Communicate clearly and regularly. 5.  Measure regularly. 6.  Fail fast. It may come as no surprise that, in order to define invoice automation success, you need to have established what success will look like at the very start of your project. What

ITESOFT Insight… Top 3 Barriers To Automating AP & How To Overcome Them

  All across the UK, Accounts Payable managers are striving for change in the way their team process their supplier invoices. Even with this desire for more efficient processes, they often get burned when senior management present barriers to automating AP. This may discourage the weak of heart, but any forward-thinking AP manager has gone

Why Won’t Suppliers Adopt E-Invoicing? The Truth.

  For many years we have heard that e-invoicing will completely remove the need for paper invoices, OCR will die and that suppliers and buyers will all adopt e-invoicing. Yet, according to Billentis, as of early 2018 it was reported that 90% of all invoices globally were still processed manually. So what is the truth

Accounts Payable Automation – The First Step to Automating an Organisation

  Digitalisation of a business; start simple, start with Accounts Payable automation. When companies decide to embark on projects designed to automate their processes, the advice is often to start with something simple. This has numerous benefits, from ensuring your project generates a return on investment, to establishing how your staff deal with major change.

Automation in Finance: Preparing for the Future of Back Office Functions – Full Document Download

  Throughout November and December, I published a series of 6 articles looking at preparing for the future of back office functions through automation in finance. Starting with 9 bullet points on how to best prepare for automation in finance, working through understanding your current processes, who to involve and how to involve them, and

Understanding the True Cost of Your AP Process (Infographic)

  Understanding the true cost of your AP process is an important step towards gaining any benefit from your department. How can you submit a business plan for your process improvement project before understanding the true cost of your AP process? It is also important to understand how other companies are performing so you can