Confused About Invoice Automation?

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone! Most of the people I have spoken to over the last few years are confused about invoice automation. So, are you confused about invoice automation as well? Well I am going to try and help. At ITESOFT invoice automation is when you have digitised and automated the whole accounts payable

Why Won’t Suppliers Adopt E-Invoicing? The Truth

The truth about e-invoicing? There is no “one size fits all” answer. An EDI feed is simply unrealistic for many companies. Asking suppliers to change for your benefit… that’s a hard ask. You have to show them a benefit too. According to Billentis, 90% of all invoices globally were still processed manually… Yes, 90% of

Why You Should Be Looking to Automate Accounts Payable Now

Have you thought about automating your Accounts Payable process, but keep pushing it further and further down your list of priorities? Let’s talk about why you should be looking to automate your Accounts Payable process now. Before 2020 rears its ugly head. H2 is the best time to be looking to automate. If your company

Do I Have A Scalable Accounts Payable Process?

  I have been thinking about some of our clients who are currently buying other businesses and consolidating their back-office functions with their own, and thus relying on ITESOFT to assist them with a scalable accounts payable process. This led me to ask the questions: “What is a scalable process?”, “Why is it important that

ITESOFT Insight… How Do You Define Invoice Automation Success?

1.  Document your as-is. 2.  Document your to-be. 3.  Engage stakeholders. 4.  Communicate clearly and regularly. 5.  Measure regularly. 6.  Fail fast. It may come as no surprise that, in order to define invoice automation success, you need to have established what success will look like at the very start of your project. What may

ITESOFT Insight… Top 3 Barriers To Automating AP & How To Overcome Them

  All across the UK, Accounts Payable managers are striving for change in the way their team process their supplier invoices. Even with this desire for more efficient processes, they often get burned when senior management present barriers to automating AP. This may discourage the weak of heart, but any forward-thinking AP manager has gone