5 Ways to Ease Employees into Process Change

An upheaval of your company’s processes may sound exciting to you, but your colleagues may be intimidated by the thought of changing up their daily routine of the last 10+ years. In the following article, I will discuss 5 ways to help your colleagues become comfortable with the upcoming process change you have planned for

Robots in Finance Departments

Robots both fascinate and worry at the same time. Who didn’t look with admiration at the last Boston Dynamics robots to perform a back flip, (I always dreamed of getting there) or felt uncomfortable seeing them co-operate to open a door like Raptors in JURASSIC PARK? Get ready, because we are now seeing Robots in Finance

Fraud in Finance Isn’t New

Fraud through the ages Fraud in Finance is nothing new, it’s a serious crime that’s got severe punishments associated to it and it always has. Since the internet was created in the late 1980’s, and the news became readily available for everyone to see and now it seems that the fraud cases have become a

How can Robotics Transform your Accounts Payable Function?

AI, machine learning and digital transformation are all concepts poised to transform the future of business – but can they really have a direct and meaningful effect on the day to day experience of Accounts Payable (AP) and Finance professionals? Here are just a couple of ways that they can make a huge difference. Error-free

ITESOFT joins Gartner’s Magic Quadrant iBPMS 2017

We are pleased to announce that Gartner, the world’s largest IT analyst firm, has recently integrated ITESOFT into its Magic Quadrant iBPMS* 2017. This reinforces the strategic vision initiated by the company over the last few years around its SCPA platform. This recognition is in addition to those received in the recent months by Forrester,

Virtualisation: The major challenges every CFO faces

The importance of all things digital in everyday life means that ever-increasing volumes of information are being generated. The volume of data is exploding, and will continue to increase in years to come. While some companies sink under the deluge, others will seize the competitive advantage that comes with truly making the most of information.