Finance as a Function: Moving From A Reactive To A Proactive Strategy

  As we find ourselves working in more agile ways, it becomes necessary to re-examine our finance function as part of the overall need to change the way we work. Traditional financial forecasting, planning and reporting no longer fulfils the needs of the modern workplace. We now need to find ways to proactively manage our

What Does Digital Transformation In Shared Services Really Mean?

  It may be the hot phrase of 2019 for shared services…but what does digital transformation really mean for shared services? The key word here is transformation. Digital transformation is not the same as more automation. It’s about re-imagining your processes and transforming your operations – putting technology at the core of your service. Uber,

AP Automation FAQs

In mid-May 2019 ITESOFT ran a live demonstration of Invoice automation solution Streamline for Invoices. At the end of this session, attendees were asked if they had any questions. What follows is a selection of those “AP Automation FAQs”, along with the answers that were given at the time. Q: Can I scan an invoice

Environmental Cost Of Paper Based Invoice Processing

We live in a world that is changing. The global focus on reducing our environmental impact is growing. The key question in this blog though is, what is the environmental cost of paper based invoice processing? Most organisations will have an understanding of the cost of processing an invoice once they have received it. Some

Does My Company Need Electronic Invoice Software?

In an effort to digitalise purchase-to-pay processes, many businesses will procure electronic invoice software, but how do you know which software best suits your business or if you even need any at all? In order to establish the need for electronic invoice software, you should start by ensuring you know your current AP processes and

AP Automation: How Much Could You Really Save?

Are you struggling to get your senior management on board with AP automation? Does your CFO start participating in the ‘Bird Box Challenge’ whenever you try to show him your chosen solution? Perhaps this is because you are focusing too much on what the AP automation solution will do, or alleviate, and not enough on