Artificial Intelligence a Modern Approach to the Old Fraud Problem.

  Preventing fraud has never been an easy task…is artificial intelligence a modern approach to overcoming this? We’ve all heard about artificial intelligence (AI) and the wonders that the likes of Google and Tesla are creating with it. Until just a few years ago self-driving cars were something learner drivers and science fiction fans could

Fraud in Finance Isn’t New

Fraud through the ages Fraud in Finance is nothing new, it’s a serious crime that’s got severe punishments associated to it and it always has. Since the internet was created in the late 1980’s, and the news became readily available for everyone to see and now it seems that the fraud cases have become a

Combating Document Fraud with Digital Technology

Document fraud is the third largest criminal industry in the world – but are we doing enough about it? In 2016, only one in three decision makers had solutions in place to detect document fraud concerning incoming documents. And yet, 64% of decision makers admitted that the need to manage the risk of document fraud