ITESOFT’s Summer Fest: A Celebration of Automation Success

From the 5th of July 2018 through to the 6th, two thirds of ITESOFT travelled to meet with the other third in Paris, France. This meeting gave the opportunity for a company wide briefing by ITESOFT’s CEO Christophe Lacaze, as well as an evening’s celebrations in Paris bar Favela Chic. Before the meeting of the

Are Automation Solutions Driving Paperless Offices?

As more and more automation solutions are available, are these the “key” to delivering the holy grail of a paperless office? To start with, the answer to this question lies in truly understanding what an automation solution actually IS, before even considering what it can deliver. Automation itself is not new, mankind has set out

Carambar & Co chooses ITESOFT Streamline for Invoices to digitalise its supplier invoice processing in SAP®

To handle the increasing number of invoices received from its various suppliers around the world, Carambar & Co has chosen to implement ITESOFT Streamline for Invoices, a cutting-edge automation solution for processing supplier invoices. Before, the Carambar & Co Group has handled its supplier invoices using manual processing methods, which are highly time-consuming in terms

Duty To Report Payment Practices – 1 Year On

ITESOFT Recently Ran a Webinar looking at Duty to Report Payment Practices 1 Year On… During ITESOFT’s recent webinar (Duty To Report Payment Practices 1 Year On) a number of trends would appear to be coming to light… The first, most striking element of the reports submitted, is how few there have been, and how

Digital Transformation Failure – Serious Hit to TSB Reputation

The separation of TSB and Lloyds bank back in 2013, and the acquisition by Sabadell in 2015 meant that TSB had to find their own systems for their customers. Choosing Proteo4UK as their supplier and a planned go-live date of 20th April 2018, they were ready to go. TSB warned their customers far in advance

ITESOFT and Contextor Announce a Partnership Agreement

ITESOFT, leading provider of process and document digitalisation solutions, and Contextor, a specialist in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), announce a cross-partnership agreement. The two software vendors will benefit from the complementary of their respective offerings, enabling customer organisations to digitalise all their business processes and speed up their digital transformation. Enabling All Data Sources to