itesoft continuity activity

Continuity of ITESOFT activity during the Covid-19 epidemic

Dear Customer,

Due to the epidemic affecting UK and Europe and following the guidelines given by health and government authorities, ITESOFT has, since last week, taken steps to respond to this unprecedented situation.

Our priority is to protect our employees and their families, to participate in the collective effort to contain the epidemic and to maintain our usual level of service to our customers and partners.

To that end, we have activated our Business Continuity Plan so that you, as a customer, are not impacted by these conditions. If we have had to close our offices,  all ITESOFT employees are able to telework and are operational since Monday, March 16.

In addition, we are doubling down on our efforts to support our customers who want to evolve their own platforms or processes in order to be able to redeploy their teams.

With regard to ongoing projects, we have of course suspended on-site client interventions until further notice. However, our teams are still mobilized on your projects prioritizing remote connections via conference call or web-conference. Some project plans may need to be modified to meet these constraints and your own priorities. Our project managers will be in touch with you to operate as best as possible during this period.

Rest assured that ITESOFT employees remain mobilized to adapt to this new situation and respond to your needs as rapidly as possible, hoping that we will soon be able to resume the normal course of our collaboration.

We wish you well and hope you get through this unprecedented epidemic crisis safely, with all the economic and organisational challenges it engenders.

Post by Emmanuel Rilhac,
Director of operations ITESOFT group

After many years in the USA, within the Gartner/CEB groups as head of the Talent Management division, Capgemini where he was in charge of the Digital Transformation division and IBM where he piloted the Distribution division, Emmanuel joined ITESOFT in 2018 in order to support its growth, transformation and differentiation plan.

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