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Daily Duties, Why Should They be Automated?

Automation in the workplace is a major focus…

New and improving AI and RPA are removing organisations simple, repetitive tasks, so why should your daily duties at home be any different?

Automation is quickly moving into our lives and households, just like 80’s movies predicted, from wearable technology in Back to the Future, to robot hoovers in The Jetsons.

There are so many technologies in the market today that can make life so much simpler. Innovation in technology allows you to take long laborious tasks and simplify them.

Now, automation can take these simple repetitive tasks and remove these “time wasters” from your life completely.

In fact, virtually everybody is already using automation without even thinking about it, for example, people have automated their banking withdrawals to pay their bills, virtually nobody needs to get out their trusty cheque book and it’s not stopping there.

What are the benefits for our daily duties at home?

Automation will save you time, you can be focused on the more important or interesting things in life; children, hobbies, projects, even work if you must.

A great example of this is the automation of your emails, social media, scheduling appointments and even ordering groceries online with companies like Google and Amazon.

Or even asking your Google device for directions to the nearest Mexican restaurant and making a booking for your date. Checking the weather to see if you should bring a coat just in case the weather turns (in fact you can even ask your car for a forecast on your way home).

While you’re at the restaurant the Roomba is quietly vacuuming the floors. You can dim the lights with your smart phone, ask Spotify to play smooth jazz and the automated timer turns on the kettle and you have done all of this before you walk through the door, all of this is simply creating you time.

With automation today, you no longer have the excuse of having no time, your new excuse will be having so much time you don’t know what to do with it!

Automaton will save you money.

Technology allows you to control your unnecessary utility costs, the ability to control the lights and electricals comes in handy when you need the children to go to sleep.

The thermostat can be controlled and locked by your smart phone stopping any fights between family members who can’t decide on the right temperature.

Setting the washing machine and dryer to turn on at night when the electricity is at it cheapest.

Wi-Fi, lights and most electronics these days can all be set to run on a timer or be controlled by your smart devices.

The ability to control your power usage with the phone in your pocket is great for everyone, not least the environment,

The greater analytics will give you a better understanding of electronic use down to each room and which electronics are used the most.

This data gives you the ability to educated yourself and family on the unnecessary use of electricity within your home and, hopefully, at least turning off lights when a room is not in use if you haven’t already automated this as well.

Automation can provide a sense of security.

With the ability to have all the lights on timers or connected to a smart device giving the impression that people are home, when really they are sitting on the beach with a cocktail in hand, can make anyone feel a little more secure.

Cameras are also readily available, and cheap, and with the ability to connect to your smart device you don’t have to leave the couch to check if its friend or foe knocking at your door.

When you’re not at home you can get notifications that someone is at the door or moving about in your yard and you can politely ask them to leave through the speaker system attached to the camera.

Automation gives a family the ability to feel safer from the unknown dangers of the outside world by putting a barrier between themselves and any potential threats.

The ability to ensure that your loved ones, friends and belongings are safe from any unnecessary risk makes automation a no brainer for your safety.

Automation is here to stay.

Automation isn’t going away, in fact, it’s only going to get better, the ability to have more control but less involvement in repetitive daily duties gives you, your family and your neighbours the ability to focus on the most important thing… themselves.

Less repetitive tasks, less time wasted, more time away from house-work, more time with family, more time to relax, more time for hobbies, more time for you, or maybe just a bit more time for sleep.

Post by James Donaldson,
Marketing Executive

James has been with ITESOFT since late 2016. Quickly establishing himself as a genuine automation enthusiast, he is a reliable source for the latest information on Financial Process Automation technologies.

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