Digital Transformation Failure

Digital Transformation Failure – Serious Hit to TSB Reputation

The separation of TSB and Lloyds bank back in 2013, and the acquisition by Sabadell in 2015 meant that TSB had to find their own systems for their customers. Choosing Proteo4UK as their supplier and a planned go-live date of 20th April 2018, they were ready to go.

TSB warned their customers far in advance that the online and mobile banking app would be unavailable over the weekend whilst they moved 5 million of their customers onto their own platform.

Some of their customers, after being able to access their online and mobile banking app were met with a shock. With some having an extra amount of money in their bank accounts (with the largest recorded amount of £35,000), whilst others had access to other accounts of people they had no relation to.

What were the customers saying?

There was a large uproar across social media with people annoyed at the fact that users were unable to access their accounts, pay their bills or small suppliers and view their mortgage debts. Many took to twitter to declare their frustration to the banks, whilst others took a slightly calmer approached whilst trying to get an explanation from them.

Complaints came far and wide - Tweet

Complaints came far and wide - Tweet

Complaints came far and wide.

Why does digitalisation fail?

There are various reasons that a digitalisation projects fail and it will always come down to the preparation that the organisation put in prior to the go-live date. A project may fail due to a reluctance to share authority between departments, the risk that they may affect a completely working process or even just a concern from other departments as a result of a previous failure. Although these problems sound very generic, they are specific problems that organisations have across the globe.

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