Finance Automation: Beyond Technology


On February 26th ITESOFT will be hosting a 40 minute webinar.

As usual automation will be the core focus for us, after all we aren’t here selling pens and paper…

For our next webinar though things are a little different. This time we are going to be exploring finance automation beyond technology.

It is beyond doubt that topics such as RPA, AI and Machine Learning have taken vast amounts of column inches, equally people are really starting to consider what these technologies actually mean for their workforce as well as their bottom lines.

Looking at automation through a different lens.

In a recent Raconteur Special Report the focus was also subtly different.

It wasn’t why people should be concerned about technology taking their jobs, but rather how important these solutions may be when it comes to recruiting the next round of talent in an organisation.

If we take this argument on board, then it stands to reason that the demographics of organisations and departments need to be considered.

More than this, we should start considering what the next generations will come to expect from their work, employers and companies. This includes simple technologies working well and delivering real benefit.

Automation freeing staff up to deliver higher value tasks is not new news, this element has often formed the core of business cases for automation over the years. What is changing though is considering how much benefit having automation in place can bring when recruiting.

During the webinar itself.

During the 40 minutes looking at finance automation beyond technology we are asking you to get involved in the conversation. There will be a selection of polls which will give each attendee the chance to really think about the content in the context of their own organisation.

Again, breaking with the norm, the following questions are what we would like to ask, so that you can start to think about this a little in advance:

  • What does your AP or Finance team look like right now?
  • If you, or your business has already invested in applications, has this given real term benefits to the team?
  • Do you feel that removing the most mundane and repetitive tasks is worth investment?
  • Has your organisation explored, or invested in, SaaS applications?

Of course, you will be invited to ask us questions during the course of the webinar, and rather than try and rush through these at the end of the session we will do our best to address any questions as we go.

We hope you can join us on the 26th, the link below will take you to the registration page if you haven’t yet registered.

Webinar – Finance Automation: Beyond Technology


Post by John Stovold

Responsible within ITESOFT UK for the support of creating and delivering new content, John has worked in B2B environments for more than 10 years. He has established himself as a true thought leader within finance automation, robotics and AI striving to deliver key messages to both senior, and middle management. John’s experience of working closely with business management has given him the ability to provide key insights into business challenges, and how ITESOFT can truly help them.

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