HADO – The First International AR Competitions Announced

For anyone who watched the original TRON as a youth and wished growing up that they could be inside a video game racing, running, and dodging… Now 30 years on us dreamers can finally have their chance and get involved in the first international AR competitions of HADO.

A Tokyo based company HADO are creating a new augmented reality sports league which will be going live in Japan in 2019 with plans to expand to Europe and the US by 2020.

It will be a location-based AR dodge-ball like experience, played in the real world using an AR headset and wristbands.

2 teams which consist of three players each try to knock the other teams out by draining them of a pre-defined number of lives. This is done by firing digital bullets from their wrists towards the other players.

Personalise your approach.

Before each match, each member of the team can choose from a variable of options that may give them advantage during the game, these may include bullet size, reload charge speed and even a shield to block the other teams’ shots!

Giving the players the chance to change their unique abilities will also change the feel and flow of each match.

In one match a player may choose a faster charge time for their weapon, giving them more of an aggressive style rather than a player who had chosen a thicker shield absorbing more punishment and being the teams tank.

The Japanese league will draw from the best HADO players from around the world fighting it out in over 15 countries in 60+ arenas. Being 7 or older will give you the opportunity to go pro but only a small section of players will be selected.

Go pro!

The ability to ‘go pro’ will give these players not only the chance to play in front of large crowds but also their chance to win prise money, $120,000 USD has been spread out to participating winning teams this year to date.

Of course, the technology that is being used is only in it’s infancy, and with the evolution of gaming body suits, there are endless possibilities for where these competitions could end up.

Only time will tell if this will be a success, but this is only the start of the latest blending of technology and sport!


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Post by James Donaldson,
Marketing Executive

James has been with ITESOFT since late 2016. Quickly establishing himself as a genuine automation enthusiast, he is a reliable source for the latest information on Financial Process Automation technologies.

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