BPM: What Role will Humans Play in the Digital Transformation of Business?

François Bonnet, Marketing Product Manager ITESOFT, stepped into the limelight during the 5th edition of the famous bpmNEXT event in Santa Barbara (United States). As well as addressing the tech sector’s hottest topic – the emerging role of AI in our organisations – François touched on the role humans will play in the forthcoming digital transformation and the value they can offer when it comes to embedding processes at the heart of business via BPM. We captured his wisdom, to share with you.

The BPMN+ Engine: Empowering users to make a difference

One of the main challenges posed by digital transformation is how to handle all the data – and above all, how to minimise the risk it poses to the company. So, what’s the solution? According to François, the answer lies within BPMN itself, which provides a solution to all the parties involved in a BPM project.

Take for example, software developers. BPMN+ allows them to be more responsive by presenting them with a solution rather than just reporting modelling errors. What’s more, the animation mode is directly in Composer – allowing developers to control their model even before it is implemented by the engine.

For users outside the development team, BPMN+ helps streamline information flows and improve communication. The animation mode is available from the application, which means all parties involved in the BPM project can access the same level of information. Users can also access real-time forecasting through the process, allowing them to anticipate its path and implementation schedule as changes occur. It also allows users to compare how different versions of a process will operate with the same data set, for more informed – and effective – planning and decision-making.

At its core, BPM+ is designed to address the common issues that plague BPM project throughout their life cycle: from process design through to implementation and execution. The BPMN+ engine resolves these issues by addressing them from a perspective that meets the objective of every user type, whether that delivering greater speed and efficiency for the developer, more agility for the business user, or more accurate forecasting for analysts.

Post by Francesca Timpson,
Marketing Project Manager

Since completing Woking College in June 2016, and subsequently completing a digital marketing apprenticeship 2017, Francesca is currently working for ITESOFT as the marketing project manager. Using her skills and know how to create great content for AP Managers.

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