ITESOFT’s Summer Fest: A Celebration of Automation Success

From the 5th of July 2018 through to the 6th, two thirds of ITESOFT travelled to meet with the other third in Paris, France. This meeting gave the opportunity for a company wide briefing by ITESOFT’s CEO Christophe Lacaze, as well as an evening’s celebrations in Paris bar Favela Chic.

Before the meeting of the minds on Friday, Thursday saw ITESOFT split into groups to travel around Paris in a technologically assisted scavenger hunt, involving visiting famous Paris landmarks, completing quiz’s, and filming teams carrying out various interesting (read embarrassing) challenges. All this was followed by an evening (and a little morning) at Brazilian themed bar Favela Chic, where Mojitos, Caipirinhas, and Coronas were bottomless as well as a variety of Latin American inspired finger food, a great start to the ITESOFT summer fest.

Inside Paris bar Favela Chic

Inside Paris bar Favela Chic, Image by James Donaldson

ITESOFT Company Wide Meeting

The company briefing gave a chance for an update on the latest technologies starting with a look at the company’s newest advancements in fraud detection software. It was demonstrated that the software could easily point out problems with a document, particularly focusing on doctored images.

A PDF file was dragged and dropped onto an in-browser interface, which set the system off looking, in minute detail, at what could be fraudulent with this document, an invoice. Our demonstrator showed us a before and after of the PDF, before and invoice for €60, after for €600. Almost instantly, the fraud detection software showed an image of the PDF with a few red boxes superimposed.

These where showing the extra 0, where it came from (it had been cut and pasted from elsewhere on the invoice), and a few other doctored parts of the image including the bank detail of the supplier.


An ITESOFT Summer Fest itinerary

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Soon after the Fraud detection demo, we were refreshed with the latest look at SLFI (Streamline for Invoices). Here we were primarily focusing on the parallel approval ability, where if an invoice needs to be approved by two parties, it can be viewed and approved at the same time, even with an instant chat capability allowing the two to communicate between each other.

Along with the parallel approval, an in depth look at the analytical DataViz capabilities were displayed. Showing analytics such as number of invoices processed by month, then with a simple click of a mouse, a breakdown by day, and then by time.

Analyse Data

Meet Scapa, the Robot

Following the two software demonstrations, came the true pièce de résistance, SCAPA, ITESOFT’s 3D printed robot enlisted to demonstrate multiple aspects of BPMN+, a BPM tool for companies to easily create workflows and business applications.

In this demonstration, the use case was that of a phone shop. BPMN+ Product Owner Francois Bonnet fired up SCAPA, and she recognised him, asking how she could help, what services he was looking for from the phone shop, and stating he looked tired (after she showed him her dance moves as seen in this video of the demo earlier in the year at BPMNext, USA).

Francois asked for an upgrade, and was asked to provide ID, a wave of his ID card in front of SCAPA was enough for her to confirm and pull his information from Salesforce. They went through a short process of her offering him phones and using voice recognition technology to answer questions before we got to see the workflow behind the scenes.

Behind the scenes you could see that the whole process was orchestrated through a flow-diagram-like code, mainly containing yes/no and IF statements all assigned to movements, speech, and visual triggers. The capabilities of this robot are very exciting, and will no doubt be used to demonstrate any further advancements in technology ITESOFT bring to the table.


Scapa being setup, with BPMN+ product owner Francois Bonnet to the right.

The morning’s meeting was followed by a bite to eat before splitting off into respective departments for more specific meetings (Marketing, Sales, Professional Services, Support etc), these allowed teams to communicate and align strategies, sharing useful information and making sure everyone is on the same page moving forward into H2 2018.

Luckily for my French colleagues, the meetings ended before 4pm, allowing them the chance to watch France beat Uruguay 2-0 in the World Cup, all that said, we kept our mouths closed of the fact that Football’s coming home, if only to not upset our French counterparts.

Post by Rory Coleman-Smith,
Marketing Project Manager

Rory has been working with ITESOFT since early 2017. He has placed himself as a thought leader, educating finance departments on the latest advancements in technology in Financial Process Automation.

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