Recognised as an innovative digital technology leader again!

ITESOFT, leading developer of automated digital process solutions, has won an award for its software at the prestigious 2016 Document Manager Awards, held on the 24th November at The Grand Connaught Rooms, London.

Document Manager celebrated their 10th year of running the awards event, and this is the 12th Document Manager Award that ITESOFT has achieved! Recognising the company’s on-going dedication towards innovating the functionality and quality of this market-leading software solution.

Workflow & BPM Product of the Year 2016

‘ITESOFT BPMN+’ winner of the ‘Workflow & BPM Product of the Year’ is an innovative cutting edge technology that is aimed at specific user and cross departmental requirements.

ITESOFT acquired W4 in 2015: An established and specialist BPM technology platform provider, with over 1 million end users in 300+ organisations. This has opened a raft on new opportunities by including leading edge BPM functionalities into its already impressive platform of capture, process automation and workflows.

Winning this award recognises ITESOFT’s on-going commitment to leverage innovative technologies to help companies gain control of their business processes. The single BPM engine at the core of BMPN+ makes for a reliable platform and easy implementation. This interoperability enables simpler integration with often complex a sensitive legacy systems.


The solution is a market-leading implementation of model-driven design and development techniques. The Web Modeler tool is web-based and allows users to simply model business processes complying to BPMN 2.0 standard and stores them online; all this is possible without the need of coding. The BMPN+ Composer tool is the equivalent offering for IT staff to polish the process in advance of implementation.

Projects that require a high level of agility are ideal for BPMN+: no detailed specifications are necessary because in effect the model is the specification. At the same time, documentation for the system (online and offline) is generated automatically. App screens created within BPMN+ are highly customisable to suit the business, from straightforward ‘low code’ interfaces to complex portals featuring live chat or mapping.

ITESOFT can now offer a competitive platform for not only expansions for the verticals currently served, but to new verticals and partners with a differentiating ‘process centric’ approach within departments other than Finance, such as HR, Warranty, Logistics, Contact Centres and much more.

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Post by Francesca Timpson,
Marketing Project Manager

Since completing Woking College in June 2016, and subsequently completing a digital marketing apprenticeship 2017, Francesca is currently working for ITESOFT as the marketing project manager. Using her skills and know how to create great content for AP Managers.

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