Leading a Successful Finance Process Automation Journey

James Stackhouse and Paul Armstrong discussed the Finance Process Automation Journey that Autoglass undertook. During the webinar, hosted by ICAEW, James and Paul went into detail on the Autoglass Finance Process Automation journey, from the first thoughts of automation, all the way through the process to the selection of ITESOFT, and the planning of the

The Truth about E-invoicing

These days, in the financial process automation space, the term “E-invoicing” is thrown around with little attention to detail. Much like the buzzword of the last year, “Blockchain”, a lot of people have jumped on the hype without fully understanding the meaning of the word. Defining E-invoicing If you’ve been boasting and bragging to your

B2B Financial Processes Are Still Too Slow

Why, in an age where information, transactions, and engagement are almost instant, do so many organisations still lag behind when it comes to B2B financial processes? Can B2B Learn From B2C Practices? As we know, B2C engagement has long been the primary focus of business, and rightly so, this is what pays the bills. Offering

Is Your AP Department Overlooked?

Two Thirds of Executives use innovative Technologies to Drive Profit, Benefit the Environment A recent survey from the USA issued by the Environmental Defence Fund (EDF), listed the seven emerging technologies that senior executives view and use to drive profitability and environmental performance The technologies listed are; blockchain, sensors, data analytics, mobile ubiquity, dematerialisation, automation

Robots in Finance Departments

Robots both fascinate and worry at the same time. Who didn’t look with admiration at the last Boston Dynamics robots to perform a back flip, (I always dreamed of getting there) or felt uncomfortable seeing them co-operate to open a door like Raptors in JURASSIC PARK? Get ready, because we are now seeing Robots in Finance

Digital Transformation Failure – Serious Hit to TSB Reputation

The separation of TSB and Lloyds bank back in 2013, and the acquisition by Sabadell in 2015 meant that TSB had to find their own systems for their customers. Choosing Proteo4UK as their supplier and a planned go-live date of 20th April 2018, they were ready to go. TSB warned their customers far in advance

Fraud in Finance Isn’t New

Fraud through the ages Fraud in Finance is nothing new, it’s a serious crime that’s got severe punishments associated to it and it always has. Since the internet was created in the late 1980’s, and the news became readily available for everyone to see and now it seems that the fraud cases have become a

ITESOFT and Contextor Announce a Partnership Agreement

ITESOFT, leading provider of process and document digitalisation solutions, and Contextor, a specialist in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), announce a cross-partnership agreement. The two software vendors will benefit from the complementary of their respective offerings, enabling customer organisations to digitalise all their business processes and speed up their digital transformation. Enabling All Data Sources to

Make a Breakthrough with Accounts Payable Automation

Take a look at any accounts payable survey from the past few years and one thing will become instantly apparent: when it comes to the things keeping Accounts Payable (AP) departments awake at night, very little changes over time and it’s now an era to breakthrough. Year after year, the need to ‘improve processes’ tops

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Leading a Successful Finance Process Automation Journey

The Truth about E-invoicing

Is Your AP Department Overlooked?

Make a Breakthrough with Accounts Payable Automation

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Fraud in Finance Isn’t New

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Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach to Combat Fraud

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B2B Financial Processes Are Still Too Slow

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Continuity of ITESOFT activity during the Covid-19 epidemic

Bruntwood Limited choose ITESOFT Streamline for Invoices to continue their investment into AP Automation.

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Digitalisation of invoices: Socometra Engie chooses ITESOFT’s next-generation solution

Streamline for Invoices Now Available Through the Microsoft Store

DM Awards 2018 : ITESOFT UK proud to announce that Streamline for Invoices is named Accounts Payable/Invoicing Product of the Year

Aragon Research positions ITESOFT in the “Innovator” section of the Globe for Digital Business Platforms

Be Like Banksy: Shred Your Documents…

FISCAL Announces Partnership Extension with ITESOFT

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Carambar & Co chooses ITESOFT Streamline for Invoices to digitalise its supplier invoice processing in SAP®

Duty To Report Payment Practices – 1 Year On

Digital Transformation Failure – Serious Hit to TSB Reputation

ITESOFT and Contextor Announce a Partnership Agreement

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ITESOFT joins Gartner’s Magic Quadrant iBPMS 2017

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New Partnership with GetMyInvoices

ITESOFT and FISCAL Technologies Extend Commercial Partnership

ITESOFT Makes The Future Real by Enhancing its Portfolio with “Streamline for Invoices”!

Recognised as an innovative digital technology leader again!

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