Technology Lessons, Learnt by the Best

It’ll come as no surprise that technology has had its issues in the past, ranging from the Galaxy Note 7 through to Facebook Chatbots developing their own language, but there are ways to avoid these problems. In late 2016 and early 2017, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was released with an irregular battery size, which caused

5 Biggest Mistakes in Accounts Payable and How to Fix Them

I have spoken to countless Accounts Payable and Finance professionals in my time, hearing horror stories about how they process invoices and make payments. In this article I have picked my top 5 favourite answers to the question “So how do you currently process your supplier invoices?” and what my response would be. 1. We

What Does RPA Mean for You?

What does RPA mean for you, for your organisation and even the wider business? During this blog post, I’ll be stripping RPA down to basics, looking at what the acronym means, defining RPA, and then how this could benefit not only you, but your organisation as well. So, what does RPA actually mean? “Robotic process

100 Years Ago What Did Future Tech Look Like?

When considering our future relationships with technology it can be very interesting to start by looking at what people thought we would be doing today. So, 100 years ago, what did future tech look like? Looking back, before we look forward. We know that no one can truly predict how the world will look in

Limitations Within Existing Accounts Payable Automation Platforms

As with all technology, there are limitations within existing Accounts Payable Automation Platforms. With the advent of cloud solutions, more and more organisations are able to consider investing in disruptive solutions within the back office. Cloud technology is now well and truly embedded in our corporate consciousness, for a lot of very good reasons. Its

as-a-Service in Accounts Payable… The Future of Capture

From manual processing to as-a-Service in Accounts Payable. as-a-service in Accounts Payable is the latest in technology designed to make lives simpler and easier. Most of us still underestimate the power of devices that can fit in our hands. An everyday example is a calculator. We all have a calculator on our smartphone. Before reaching

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on RPA – For Beginners

Always seeing the term RPA thrown about in conversation and constantly asking yourself “What does RPA stand for?” but too afraid to ask? Seek no further, by the end of this article, you will know enough about RPA to make your systems admin blush. And while it’s useful to know what RPA stands for, you

What is the Most Important Piece of Data for an AP Specialist?

The role of AP Specialist is not new to business The role of an AP Specialist is not new, organisations understand the need to have departmental specialists. Often the role of a departmental specialist is internally filled, leveraging the knowledge of the department and organisation to deliver real benefit. More recent is the growing importance

Daily Duties, Why Should They be Automated?

Automation in the workplace is a major focus… New and improving AI and RPA are removing organisations simple, repetitive tasks, so why should your daily duties at home be any different? Automation is quickly moving into our lives and households, just like 80’s movies predicted, from wearable technology in Back to the Future, to robot