New Partnership with GetMyInvoices

ITESOFT is happy to announce a new partnership with GetMyInvoices, a leading invoice retrieval and management solution. We’re looking forward to working together on new challenges. Customers of GetMyInvoices will now benefit from direct integration to true OCR technology to improve efficiency and productivity of their invoice processing team.

GetMyInvoices are fast becoming Europe’s most trusted invoice retrieval company. Ultimately reducing the time that their clients spend retrieving their invoices from several online supplier websites, email and paper documents to increase productivity in the organisation and free up their time around the business to focus on more time constraining tasks. This is achieved by having one central software retrieving all incoming invoices and using a built-in text recognition to look at all the documents.

The GetMyInvoices platform optimises the invoice retrieval process by automatically receiving documents from various places, using text recognition to see whether the document is an invoice, receipt or any other document and it automatically gets put into your online accounting software.

GetMyInvoices compliments ITESOFT by offering the initial retrieval of the invoices to remove the manual process of finding the invoice. The solution will then read the document and within only a few clicks, the invoice can be processed into the ITESOFT system. This will further reduce processing time per invoice by around 5 minutes so therefore saving valuable time for more important and productive tasks.

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Post by Francesca Timpson,
Marketing Project Manager

Since completing Woking College in June 2016, and subsequently completing a digital marketing apprenticeship 2017, Francesca is currently working for ITESOFT as the marketing project manager. Using her skills and know how to create great content for AP Managers.

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