PPN P2P Transformation Summit

PPN P2P Transformation Summit 2019

PPN P2P Transformation Summit

ITESOFT were delighted to have been invited to attend the PPN P2P Transformation Summit 2019 for the fifth year in a row, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

For me, this was my first time at the event, and what an event it was! Taking place at the Hurlingham Club in Fulham London (stunning!).

Surrounded by a cricket pitch, bowling greens, tennis courts, croquet playing courts and lovely old buildings we had to pleasures of meeting attendees, vendors, speakers, partners and, of course, the hosts.

Making sure to get in early to set up our stand and go over a brief of the day, myself and Rod Ward set up the pop ups, tv and got out the coffee cups and USBs ready to hand out… There was only the slightest of blips… No controller for the TV… But Rod sorted it!

Of course, being so early in the morning we also made sure to frequent the coffee stand that was made available!

Having a chance to catch up with our partners over at Fiscal Technology and introducing myself to people I hadn’t met before, a good way to start the day.

After some quick handshakes we went back to our booth and greeted the guests as they started to arrive.

Just one of the stand out moments for me was sitting in on keynote speeches with Matthew Syed. His session was very interesting opening my eyes up to other ways of thinking.

Darting in-between the sessions on building a P2P process of the future to climbing the career ladder in an automated world really expanded my knowledge on what the accounts teams are doing now and how they should be getting ready for the future.

Over a rather nice lunch of a burger, although I do regret taking the salad over the potato salad and coleslaw, Rod and I spoke to attendees about some of the challenges that they were facing in AP, and how ITESOFT may be able to give some support.

For everyone that stopped by the stand on the day, thank you! It was a pleasure to have met with so many of you. And, of course, we look forward to keeping in touch with each of you.

This fantastic day ended with an awards ceremony, champagne being handed out as we took our seats.

Rod was presenting an ITESOFT sponsored award for “Innovation in Supporting the Business” a category won by Veolia! And deservedly so!

I won’t lie, we made sure to pick a table close to the stage but also close enough to the door so we could break down and miss the London traffic, this had been a long day, but a fantastic one.

Thank you to the team at PPN for putting on such a great show.

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Post by James Donaldson,
Marketing Executive

James has been with ITESOFT since late 2016. Quickly establishing himself as a genuine automation enthusiast, he is a reliable source for the latest information on Financial Process Automation technologies.

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