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Digitalisation of invoices: Socometra Engie chooses ITESOFT’s next-generation solution

Socometra Engie, a maintenance and engineering company, has selected Streamline for Invoices from ITESOFT, a global leader in digitalisation and process automation solutions, to transform its supplier invoice process.

Digitalise 12,000 supplier invoices per year

To support its strategy of digital transformation of accounting processes, Socometra, a subsidiary of Engie Group based in New Caledonia, decided to rely on the services of capture, automatic reading and validation of invoices issued by Streamline for Invoices.

The project plans to digitise and optimise the processing of 12,000 annual supplier invoices interfaced with the Navision ERP. A second scope is being studied to deal with the same solution 18,000 additional invoices from 2 new companies in the group operating under AS 400.

The choice of Streamline for Invoices, a new generation solution

Streamline for Invoices is ITESOFT’s next-generation solution for supplier invoice processing. Available as a cloud service, Streamline for Invoices combines both ITESOFT’s unique AI-based technology for billing analysis and an exclusive managed document recognition service that continually optimises read settings to continually guarantee higher rates of automation. The accounting teams can thus concentrate on tasks with high added value (supplier relationships, accounting analysis, control, etc.).

Frédéric Massy, ​​Marketing Director ITESOFT says:

“We are particularly proud of this new signing. Six entities of the Engie group have already trusted us to digitalise their invoices, including Engie Ineo, Engie Cofely and Engie Axima … I am happy to know that Socometra Engie will now benefit from our services, the latest technologies to support its digital transformation. “

Download the free brochure of our new generation supplier invoice processing solution

Brochure: Streamline for Invoices



Post by Alan Brown,
Sales Director

With more than 15 years of experience in digital transformation, AP automation, AI, Robotics and change. Alan is a key member of the Sales Management team at ITESOFT UK, leading key initiatives on sales and business-development strategies, and supporting customers like BNP Paribas, Hitachi, Helios Towers, and Network Rail to digitise and automate their process.

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