Accounts Payable Automation – The First Step to Automating an Organisation

Digitalisation of a business; start simple, start with Accounts Payable automation. When companies decide to embark on projects designed to automate their processes, the advice is often to start with something simple. This has numerous benefits, from ensuring your project generates a return on investment, to establishing how your staff deal with major change. Accounts

What is Metadata and Why Should You Care?

In the world of digitalisation, the term “Metadata” is used quite often. But what is Metadata? Descriptive strings of data that reference activity or other data Fields of information allowing accurate filtering of data Automated data which cannot be manipulated or changed after creation Why is it of benefit to your organisation? Allows an insight

What is the Most Important Piece of Data for an AP Specialist?

The role of AP Specialist is not new to business The role of an AP Specialist is not new, organisations understand the need to have departmental specialists. Often the role of a departmental specialist is internally filled, leveraging the knowledge of the department and organisation to deliver real benefit. More recent is the growing importance

Duty To Report Payment Practices – 1 Year On

ITESOFT Recently Ran a Webinar looking at Duty to Report Payment Practices 1 Year On… During ITESOFT’s recent webinar (Duty To Report Payment Practices 1 Year On) a number of trends would appear to be coming to light… The first, most striking element of the reports submitted, is how few there have been, and how

The Truth about E-invoicing

These days, in the financial process automation space, the term “E-invoicing” is thrown around with little attention to detail. Much like the buzzword of the last year, “Blockchain”, a lot of people have jumped on the hype without fully understanding the meaning of the word. Defining E-invoicing If you’ve been boasting and bragging to your

Are You Ready For the New ‘Duty to Report Payment Practices’ Legislation?

Deadlines have a habit of sneaking up on us, and this autumn UK companies have a new one to contend with: in November 2017, they will need to submit reports on their payment practices due to the new UK legislation. The legislation is part of the UK’s government’s effort to protect small businesses from the