Accounts Payable Automation – The First Step to Automating an Organisation

Digitalisation of a business; start simple, start with Accounts Payable automation. When companies decide to embark on projects designed to automate their processes, the advice is often to start with something simple. This has numerous benefits, from ensuring your project generates a return on investment, to establishing how your staff deal with major change. Accounts

as-a-Service in Accounts Payable… The Future of Capture

From manual processing to as-a-Service in Accounts Payable. as-a-service in Accounts Payable is the latest in technology designed to make lives simpler and easier. Most of us still underestimate the power of devices that can fit in our hands. An everyday example is a calculator. We all have a calculator on our smartphone. Before reaching

Preparing for Future Automation in Accounts Payable

If you’re like me, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, meaning if you want to be sure something is being done properly you need tangible, conclusive evidence, especially regarding your future automation needs. When it comes to automation, we imagine a completely dark process where nothing but what goes in and what

ITESOFT Makes The Future Real by Enhancing its Portfolio with “Streamline for Invoices”!

Digital transformation addresses primitive processing of document capture. Most companies still use fax and paper capture solutions but with digital transformation, companies will need to rethink their approach for collecting and digitalising their information from multiple sources in multiple formats (e-mail, PDF, web forms etc.). As in many other areas, the use of cloud services