What is the Most Important Piece of Data for an AP Specialist?

The role of AP Specialist is not new to business The role of an AP Specialist is not new, organisations understand the need to have departmental specialists. Often the role of a departmental specialist is internally filled, leveraging the knowledge of the department and organisation to deliver real benefit. More recent is the growing importance

B2B Financial Processes Are Still Too Slow

Why, in an age where information, transactions, and engagement are almost instant, do so many organisations still lag behind when it comes to B2B financial processes? Can B2B Learn From B2C Practices? As we know, B2C engagement has long been the primary focus of business, and rightly so, this is what pays the bills. Offering

5 Reasons You Should Automate for Digital Transformation

As digital transformation hits its stride, automation is becoming a priority agenda item for many senior management teams. For many, automation represents a significant shift in the way their business operates – and involves significant investment and wholesale structural change. So why should you be considering automation if you’re not already? The answer lies in