Procure-to-Pay: ITESOFT enhances its Streamline for Invoices solution

Digital invoices, robotisation, AI… are now priority levers for finance departments looking for more performance, agility and perfect control of regulatory compliance risks or fraud. To respond, ITESOFT are delivering a new edition of its Procure-to-Pay solution which capitalises on the publisher’s advances in AI and process robotisation for an even more efficient, adaptable and

Digital Connectivity Drives Innovation and Financial Transformation

Industries of all sizes and types are undergoing a period of financial transformation and reinvention. Fuelled by data, technology and billions of online transactions between companies, individuals, devices and processes. New technologies like 3D printing, electric cars and companies like Airbnb have revolutionised supply chains and whole sectors. Today’s B2B worlds are expected to reflect

How AI Is Driving CFO Dynamism

Our Corporate landscapes are changing at a faster pace than at any other time in modern history. And with this comes the need for business leaders that are more engaged and more energised.  Using technology, like AI, and freeing time to focus on the business and the people becomes a must for a modern CFO.

AP Automation: How Much Could You Really Save?

Are you struggling to get your senior management or CFO on board with AP automation? Perhaps this is because you are focusing too much on what the AP automation solution will do, or alleviate, and not enough on how much money will be saved and when. The thing with AP Automation is that the earlier

Are Automation Solutions Driving Paperless Offices?

As more and more automation solutions are available, are these the “key” to delivering the holy grail of a paperless office? To start with, the answer to this question lies in truly understanding what an automation solution actually IS, before even considering what it can deliver. Automation itself is not new, mankind has set out

Preparing for Future Automation in Accounts Payable

If you’re like me, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, meaning if you want to be sure something is being done properly you need tangible, conclusive evidence, especially regarding your future automation needs. When it comes to automation, we imagine a completely dark process where nothing but what goes in and what