Do you know about BPM ‘Low Code’?


With BPMN+, ITESOFT is reinventing business process management (BPM). Implementing new strategic processes in record time has never been so easy: simply design your processes, let the execution engine automatically generate the computer code, test… and your applications are up and running in no time!

Business process automation is a core element of any digital transformation process – and yet as many companies find, it can also be on of the biggest barriers to achieving it. A major reason for this is the fact that many process have grown up organically over time. Often, the systems that support them are based on disparate technologies, accessible through proprietary interfaces (websites, agencies, portals, apps, etc.), different registration systems (CRM, ERP etc.) and conflicting business policies. In many cases, custom applications need to be developed to ensure these systems work together.

As a result, one of the primary BPM challenges is guaranteeing a perfect “business requirements/computer code” match, to avoid further development – often over several months – of specific code which does not meet (or no longer meets) established needs. The only way to achieve this match is to establish a common language, common understanding and ongoing dialogue between IT and operations.

In parallel to this, organisations have a second challenge to deal with: that of agility. Industry needs are constantly evolving due to new regulations, company reorganisation, new demands from clients, and even the launch of a new offer to counter competition. So how is it possible to ensure the processes evolve simply and almost instantly?

To confront these challenges, ITESOFT designed the latest version of its BPM offer based on a resolutely new approach: ‘Low Code’.

Efficiency and agility: reinventing business process management (BPM) with ‘Low Code’

We all know that a picture paints a thousand words, so what better way to help operational and technical teams share a common language, than an image? BPMN+  provides business and IT teams with a single tool for graphic modelling of processes, data calls and the design of application navigation screens, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. Once designed as per standard BPMN 2.0, processes can be easily understood by everyone, without ambiguity. This guarantees a perfect understanding and efficient collaboration between operations and IT.

‘Low Code’ is designed to increase your agility by allowing graphical representations within an application to be translated into operational IT code. Each modification made within the graphical representation triggers an immediate modification of the code. Giving developers space to focus on industry-related behaviours without having to worry about standard behaviours though, these remain within reach of their keyboards, since they are also in the same language AngularJS. This is enough to ensure the deployment of applications in record time and accelerate the time-to-market.

End-to-end coverage from modelling to the application

For maximum efficiency, BPMN+ combines all the functions necessary to create a BPM application in one tool:

  • Composer tool for graphic process and data modelling
  • Designer workshop allows you to create applications in record time
  • Enging for executing processes and distributing tasks
  • The administration of all aspects of the configuration, operational and supervision tasks courtesy of the Admin module

Even better, you can ensure you always meet your SLAs with BPMN+, which is natively interfaced with Production Manager, allowing you to oversee and pilot all your processes, including those based on a heterogeneous SI environment.

An architecture based on standards: openness and scalability guaranteed

Based on several market standards (BPMN 2.0, Java, CMIS or Angular JS) BPMN+ is an open BPM offer, which is capable of blending perfectly into all information systems. It is suitable for small installations just as well as for more ambitious configurations.

As has been emphasised by François Bonnet, Head of Product Marketing for ITESOFT, having an architecture which is based on market standards offers other considerable benefits: “Many training courses teach these standards. The recruitment of profiles or providers who have been schooled in the BPMN 2.0 standard, for example, is therefore much simpler. And companies can also rely on online communities, in which members exchange models which can be re-used directly between them, in particular with ITESOFT Ecosystem ( With compliance with standards and the Low Code approach combined, the BPM will surely be enough to seduce new players!”


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Post by Francesca Timpson