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The Future of Digital Business Automation

Digital transformation forces all industries to evolve faster than ever before. In 2017 ARAGON RESEARCH estimated that there are less than 12% of enterprise processes that are fully digital. To provide an excellent user experience ITESOFT has developed the only Digital Business Platform that is based on three essential pillars: Omnichannel Capture, Business Process Management and Document Fraud Detection. Allowing you to adapt to permanent changes (new competitors, new regulations, new trends) in record time, innovate ever more while reducing processing costs, and improve responsiveness.

Omnichannel Capture

Fully integrated the Digital Business Platform, omnichannel capture scans all kinds of documents, triggers processes and feeds them in real-time with the attachments needed to handle the file.

Multiple communication channels appeal to users and retain them: in paper, email, SMS, portal, mobile, connected objects…. There is something for every taste etc. A process started in an agency can continue at home and end in the street on a mobile phone.

Capture systems become smart by means of machine learning. Typing, identifying information, and automatically reading documents naturally improves as the Digital Business Platform is used.

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AP Automation and Business Process Management

The automation approach begins with collaboration between business experts and information system department, describing the processes and speaking the same language. ITESOFT has chosen the BPMN 2.0 standard which enables modelling and natively running BPMN 2.0 processes in a seamless manner.

For this purpose, ITESOFT Digital Business Platform proposes online modelling software enabling users to build a repository and to design processes iteratively or concurrently. This is the “Google Docs TM Google modelling”.

For the design of the models using the modelling tool, a “Low Code” approach based on AngularJS development standard was chosen. Double benefit: Fast implementation and easy access to development resources for those who are already trained on these standards

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Fraud Detection and Prevention

In an increasingly digitalised world, there are still many documents (paper or digital) that are exchanged and security must be at the centre of concerns in the design and execution of processes.

With increasing popularity of image and document software, identity fraud is constantly gaining ground. Without processes, without tools, searching for fraud strongly resembles panning for gold.

To address the problem, ITESOFT Digital Business Platform online services can orchestrate image quality analysis tasks, detect image manipulations, identify document types, ensure the consistency of the information provided in the document and compare documents for authentication.

The ITESOFT goal: Enable you to accelerate your digital transformation with efficiency and confidence.

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