and Omnichannel Capture

From scanning invoices and documents to Capture as a Service (CaaS)

Faced with a multitude of reception modes, organisations are now confronted with the same problem: how to uniformly deal with essential business information transmitted via multiple platforms.

Omnichannel capture software automatically processes any type of document.  ADR* engines analyse documents to determine their type while ADC* engines automatically retrieve useful data from images. These processing operations can be carried out either in batch processing (backoffice) or in real-time when loading a document onto a portal. In the latter case, it is called CaaS (Capture as a Service).

*ADR: Automatic Document Recognition

*ADC: Automatic Document Content

Invoice Capture and document acquisition

Companies prioritise today on automating the process of inbound capture for invoices and financial documents.  But how do you capture all these varied elements from very different sources?

Primarily, an omnichannel capture solutionmakes it possible to scan all types of business information essential to managers, be it an outsourcing agent or various in-house departments.

Many organisations scan all inbound documents and invoices using industrial production scanners installed in a type of digital mailroom for sorting.  These digitised files can be loaded onto a portal, sent by email with attachments or transferred in the form of image files or EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).

ITESOFT omnichannal capture solution makes it possible to automate and standardise the process, providing a seamless omnichannel experience.

Automatic recognition of invoices and documents

Manuel verification of inbound business data is thing of the past replaced now using ADR (Automatic Document Recognition) engines.

Based on machine learning technologies, the ADR module automatically classifies invoices and financial documents from the structure or content.  The configuration is accomplished through machine learning.

The ADR function is available for batch processing as in the case of a digitalised mailroom or in service mode (CaaS) for online use, for example from a contractual portal.

Automatic document content (ADC)

The ADC (Automatic Document Content) module automatically extracts the relevant data from a scanned document by combining multiple reading strategies.

In the case of a document structured as a form, “models” can be used to precisely indicate the area containing the data.

For unstructured documents such as invoices or bank account identity, the data may not always be in the same place. ITESOFT advanced full-text strategy uses several advanced algorithms to automatically retrieve document data.

The ADC function is available for batch processing, as in the case of a digitalised mailroom, or in service mode (CaaS) for online use.