What is the Cost of Paper Processes to the Care Industry?

The NHS has been targeted to go completely paperless by 2020, highlighting the cost of paper processes. For many years the use of paper in data intensive industries, has and continues to compromise productivity, hampering progress. We could say that this alone is the cost of paper processes. This is no more apparent than within

ITESOFT’s Summer Fest: A Celebration of Automation Success

From the 5th of July 2018 through to the 6th, two thirds of ITESOFT travelled to meet with the other third in Paris, France. This meeting gave the opportunity for a company wide briefing by ITESOFT’s CEO Christophe Lacaze, as well as an evening’s celebrations in Paris bar Favela Chic. Before the meeting of the

Accounts Payable Automation Comes Down to One Thing

Every automation company worth its salt will have published a white paper giving numerous reasons why you should automate your back office. These white papers are great, they are designed to give you a better understanding of what to look for when you choose to automate. Often they are designed to guide you with key

Often Overlooked Benefits of Supplier Invoice Automation

More often than not, when an individual or organisation considers the benefits of supplier invoice automation, they will focus on a few key points, normally the easy to define and associate a cost to. However, as with all technology, solutions designed to automate this process advance in not only the solution capabilities but by default

Carambar & Co chooses ITESOFT Streamline for Invoices to digitalise its supplier invoice processing in SAP®

To handle the increasing number of invoices received from its various suppliers around the world, Carambar & Co has chosen to implement ITESOFT Streamline for Invoices, a cutting-edge automation solution for processing supplier invoices. Before, the Carambar & Co Group has handled its supplier invoices using manual processing methods, which are highly time-consuming in terms

Leading a Successful Finance Process Automation Journey

James Stackhouse and Paul Armstrong discussed the Finance Process Automation Journey that Autoglass undertook. During the webinar, hosted by ICAEW, James and Paul went into detail on the Autoglass Finance Process Automation journey, from the first thoughts of automation, all the way through the process to the selection of ITESOFT, and the planning of the