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Optimising P2P Processes with AP Automation

A good relationship with business partners is initially based on mutual trust and respect for contractual commitments. For customers, this includes compliance with payment deadlines and better communication during invoice processing. According to a CAPGEMINI study, 97% of respondents identified supplier relationships as a priority





streamline for invoices

The Next Generation Digitalisation Solution for Finance

By automating the processing of supplier invoices, Streamline for Invoices reduces processing costs, manages payment schedules and ensures process tracking by supplying a reliable audit trail. Thanks to omnichannel capture, the solution is able to process any invoice format (paper or electronic) all within the same process. ADR (automatic document reading) engines significantly reduce input tasks.

The cloud version, or Capture as a Service (CaaS), is based on a combined, qualified supplier base that is optimised by ITESOFT experts leading to reading rates as yet unmatched on the market. Capitalising on several hundred projects delivered by ITESOFT Streamline for Invoices responds to all scenarios thanks to highly customisable processes implemented on its BPM platform.

Discover the Unique Features of Streamline for Invoices

Streamline for Invoices is the result of more than 15 years of experience in the field and provides you with all the functions necessary for addressing individual problems when processing both paper and electronic invoices. Streamline for Invoices is the next generation packaged solution for digitalising and automating your financial processes.


Supplier invoices can be delivered in different formats: paper, mail, PDF or EDI. Streamline for Invoices integrates an omnichannel capture module that can process all these formats in one single process. Invoices received as attachments of an email are managed automatically without any manual intervention.

The solution is capable of managing files containing one or more invoices with or without attachments. Streamline for Invoices also enables you to capture invoices received in the form of structured EDI files, regardless of the format (CII, UBL, Pivot Chorus …).


The automatic reading function systematically extracts data from invoices received as an image. These images can come from scanned paper invoices, attachments received via email or files loaded on the vendor portal. By leveraging Machine Learning technologies and sample learning for each supplier, the solution is capable of achieving very high reading rates significantly reducing manual input tasks.

However, the overall automation rate not only depends on the performance of the scanning engines but also on the quality of the vendor repositories and sample configurations provided by customers. The Cloud version (Capture as a Service) relies on a more comprehensive combined supplier base than just our customers, which increases the matching rate for identifying the supplier of an invoice. In the Cloud version, the configurations for scanning optimisations are carried out by our teams. This ensures that all customers benefit from the best reading rate without having to set-up the engines themselves.


Standard delivered procceses include the following features:

    Automatic matching with purhcase orders and / or receipts
    Memorisation of previous coding allocations
    Built-in calculator to facilitate and accelerate multiline allocation
    Multi-level, sequential or parallel approval
    Integration with ERPs in synchronous or asynchronous mode
    Supplier portal: upload or enter invoices, view progress
    Processing, message exchanges


Since the task assignment rules (validations, accounting allocations, approvals) must be able to be modified very quickly to comply with organisation evolution, Streamline for Invoices relies on a rules engine enabling modification of assignment criteria in real-time from simple matrices by a business user.

The benefits of the Cloud model are numerous: faster implementation, no infrastructure costs, an up-to-date platform, an elasticity to accompany load variations and a monthly pricing model. However, some organisations do not permit the use of a cloud solution to process their invoices.

The Streamline for Invoices solution is available on the cloud, on-premise, or in hybrid mode to adapt to the constraints of individual enterprises. The hybrid mode enables using capture on the Cloud (CaaS) to benefit from the best capture rates and to deploy the on-premise processes for advanced customisation facilitating the development of complementary processes on the same BPM platform.

Mitsubishi Electric automates invoice processes with seamless SAP integration

With so many invoices being manually entered every day by Mitsubishi Electric employees, the business wanted to speed up their invoice processes and free up staff time. Their main requirements were to move to an automated system in order to eliminate building frustration, and do this with minimal disruption.

The ITESOFT support team was always available and on site when needed, I am looking forward to continued successes with them.

Emma Taylor, Accounts Payable Manager

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